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The Nile Basin: Quaternary geology, geomorphology and prehistoric environments. Cambridge University Press, New York, 405 pp. [7 citations]

A synthesis of all the author’s work across the Nile Basin. Detailed source to sink Quaternary history of the Nile, enabling better interpretation of the marine sedimentary record in the Nile submarine fan. Critical review of prehistoric migrations out of Africa and of the origins of plant and animal domestication.

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The Nile Basin book title
Climate Change in Deserts: Past, Present and Future. Cambridge University Press, New York, 629 pp. [44 citations]

Comprehensive evaluation of evidence from geomorphology, isotope geochemistry and prehistoric archaeology used to reconstruct environmental (and climatic) changes in the dry regions of the world. Concludes with discussion of causes and consequences of desertification and proposes four key principles for sustainable use of desert environments.

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Climate Change in Deserts book title
Williams, M., Dunkerley, D., De Deckker, P., Kershaw, P. and Chappell, J. (1998). Quaternary Environments, 2nd Edition, Arnold, London, 1998, 329 pages, including preface and index, v-xvi, 325-329. [Two editions: 612 citations]

A major synthesis of Quaternary environmental changes with a strong global perspective and a focus on the interactions between geological, biological and hydrological processes. Previous Quaternary geology monographs neglected the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia. Conceived this project to foster a more balanced perspective. Wrote 4 of 12 chapters, edited 100%.

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Quaternary Environments book title
Williams, M.A.J and Balling, R.C., Jr. (1996) Interactions of Desertification and Climate. (Arnold, London, 270 pp., including foreword, ten colour plates and index, xi-xii, 259-270). [246 citations].

Arising from Martin's fieldwork in Africa, Australia and Asia, the Directors of WMO and UNEP asked him to prepare a detailed review of the complex interactions between desertification and climate to underpin the UN Desertification Convention negotiations. Martin wrote 70% of the report and formulated every recommendation.

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Interactions of Desertification and Climate book title
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